New Finding Place

I was out running errands last week when I came across a store I had never seen before and just happened to have a 10 minute stretch where I could look around.

It was amazing.


It was like walking through a dime store in a land time forgot to tell that it was 2008 and not the late 50's through late 70's. With treasures tagged for 15 cents! And 25 cents! And a dollar if they thought it was truly exquisite!

So here is my question...Do you have a store that you visit that you love so much you want to keep it to yourself and not tell ANYONE about?


Anonymous said...

I like that idea of a special pitcher for the birthday boy ... or Dad ... or whoever.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Sorta.

I'm a closet thrifter ... I don't tell most people about my finds.

But there is one little local thrift store that is my addiction. The few people I've shared it with don't seem that impressed, but I have found many treasures there.