Small Crystal Pitcher

The rumor in my family (I was the caboose, so I have no idea if this is true or not) was that my Mother used a pitcher like this every morning to put milk on the table for cereal, oatmeal or such. Its small. I am wondering if they were limited on their milk consumption or if she jumped up after every person and refilled it for the next? I loved this idea although its not really practical.

So when I came across this pitcher, I surprised myself, grabbed it and brought it home.

My intention is to use it on special occasions such as Birthdays or Father's Day when we fill a breakfast tray for the one we are celebrating.



Anonymous said...

Oops. I left the previous comment in the wrong place. I like your 'special pitcher' idea.

And I saw a pitcher that would work for us when thrifting yesterday. I wonder if I should go back and get it next week!

Shane said...

It is true...Ma would fill it with milk for our cereal or oatmeal every morning.