Treasure Hunting On Friday

Unless I see something that really catches my eye in the sales fliers on Friday, I will most likely not be one of the millions braving the dark and cold for anything.

Friday will be spent decorating the house (believe me, I have attempted to bring up a few Christmassy things and have been halted on the landing by M...he knows me too well!!) and maybe, just maybe if we get done in a timely manner, we will see what is new at our favorite second-hand stores. There might be pixies and elves just waiting to be snatched up!

If you are out there shopping on Friday, may you get everything that is on your list.


New Finding Place

I was out running errands last week when I came across a store I had never seen before and just happened to have a 10 minute stretch where I could look around.

It was amazing.


It was like walking through a dime store in a land time forgot to tell that it was 2008 and not the late 50's through late 70's. With treasures tagged for 15 cents! And 25 cents! And a dollar if they thought it was truly exquisite!

So here is my question...Do you have a store that you visit that you love so much you want to keep it to yourself and not tell ANYONE about?


Would You Like Some Sugar With That?

I have searched for and have bought many, many sugar holders to set out when we have friends over who add sugar to their tea or coffee and have gotten rid of them all.

Some of them just didn't feel right after using them or fit in the cupboard odd (I don't have a whole lot of kitchen space). Some of them had their lids broken over time.

THIS one feels right. It's a vintage heavy crystal sugar holder with matching lid and it is perfect! And I can put the milk pitcher out with it, filled with cream or milk.


Small Crystal Pitcher

The rumor in my family (I was the caboose, so I have no idea if this is true or not) was that my Mother used a pitcher like this every morning to put milk on the table for cereal, oatmeal or such. Its small. I am wondering if they were limited on their milk consumption or if she jumped up after every person and refilled it for the next? I loved this idea although its not really practical.

So when I came across this pitcher, I surprised myself, grabbed it and brought it home.

My intention is to use it on special occasions such as Birthdays or Father's Day when we fill a breakfast tray for the one we are celebrating.



Snack Bowls

This is a glass dish that we have been using for small bowls of crackers or such when the kids want a treat. I am a sucker for small bowls. Not many of them match, but they all have their own distinct personality.


Tuesday Thrifting

I am in a constant battle with myself to let go of things and simplify and then to gather. It is a struggle. I try to have functional things in our lives that actually hold a bit of yesteryear elegance to them to remind me to slow down and enjoy small moments.

This find sort of cracks me up. I like to carry aspirin/tylenol in my purse but don't care for the plastic bottles so usually am found begging friends for some of THEIR aspirin in THEIR purse that they are wise enough to carry. This little pill case will serve its purpose and its just so darn cute! A little shining up and it will be good as new.


This blog is a companion to Craft By The Light Of The Moon and will focus more on thrifty finds that are just perfect they way they are, no glitter needed. NEVER thought I would say that!
Items that remind me of being a little girl again or that take me back to a simpler era even before my time.