Breaking Out Her Paintbrushes

Not Me.


She has been doing far more creative work these days than I. For Christmas she painted a wonderful picture for me from Wicked (read about that here) as a much treasured gift from her heart. After she saw what I was doing with her paintings, it lit a fire to do some more for the walls in her room. She has always had her own artwork on her walls and the last few years we often supply her with blank canvases to tap into that creative side of hers. SO much better than seeing her walls covered with posters and it gives her such a sense of accomplishment. And since she is a bit obsessed about the musical, I love that she had a way to get more of it out.

And it also makes me want to light a fire under myself. Sometimes, actually MOST of the time, if I am thrifting (which is what I have been doing now for months), I am not creating. If I am putting the booth together, I am not creating. I know I am doing creative work but I am not actually creating from the ground up. You know that feeling of "I made this!" and wanting to show your parents for them to ooh and ahh over? I need to get that feeling again.

We had moved all my craft items downstairs to a corner of the toy room/storage area and sometimes I do get to create in that area, but for some reason its not really clicking for me. Is it too dark? No natural light? Too much other stuff in the room? Am I distracted by stopping what I am doing to reach the box of Bob The Builder toys down for Bud and having trouble getting back into the mode?

I typically liked to drag stuff from area to area in the house depending on my mood and where I wanted to be. One of my favorite places is the dining room table for its natural light and windows but having my 'stuff' out on the table for days on end has a tendency to drive the rest of the family nuts.

And you know what? The second I typed that I realized that I have a BUFFET in that dining room that is barely filled with anything! I could put some craft stuff in there! And it has cupboards and drawers that close to just set stuff inside when I need to clear off the table for supper!!

I am off to re-do...I will let you know how this turns out!

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Anonymous said...

Holy Mackeral! Lu's bedroom is awesome!