The Closet-Before and After

Here we have the right side of the closet area above my clothes...

And the left area...
I need a panoramic camera!

I love that I have this space up above the hanging clothes in our walk-in closet. It stretches the length of the closet and is just nice and out of the way. Mostly because I am short...what else am I going to stick up there that I don't need to reach on a daily basis? So it was perfect for housing my craft inspirations/magazine clippings/odd recipes to try...However, I did not love having Rubbermaid's in this area. Let alone clear Rubbermaid's. With marker writing on them. It made me feel like I was in a college dorm room whenever I took a good hard look at this space.

Hobby Lobby had some lovely poinsettia containers and hatboxes that had been marked down to 80% off and I picked up several in different sizes


I like the look of consistency and it does look rawther festive on my side of the closet!

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CC said...

Love your decluttering, organizing..
I have to get busy as well. But..where,oh where to start??? :)