Dear Genevieve

I saw your show last night on HGTV. I would like you to come to our home and tackle the dismal laundry/craft/storage/toy room. I am at my wits end trying to figure out how to make it better. It needs to be brighter and more functional. No amount of de-cluttering is going to make it brighter and more functional. So can you come help out with this, tomorrow perhaps?

Do you think she visits my blog or should I send her a real letter? I watched her figure out a home office for a lovely family last night and simply need her to come into my home, figure out exactly who we are, what we need, along with any deep seated desires I didn't even know I had and make it all better.

Its scary down in that basement!

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Travelin' Momma said...

I was reading some of your old posts...i have an unfinished basement/storage/exercise area and we used Epoxy sealant on the floor like that gray/blue paint on the floor and it really helps with the dirt/dust/hair. it makes it feel less like a basement too...like church basements use...hope that helps you and i love how you re purposed the hutch and table!