Family Thrifting

Another type of Thrifting that is fun to do is to what I refer to as My Childhood Thrifting From Mom's Treasures That She Is Going To THROW AWAY!! Things that have absolute zero value (well, let's face it, most of what I treasure has zero value, except to me...) but make a little ting inside my brain making me remember something from the past.

Case in point:

This is a set of paintings hanging on the left side wall of my computer area. They were originally at our summer lake home in Minnesota for as long as I could remember. No clue as to the artist or what village they are supposed to represent, but I spent HOURS staring at this painting when I was a child. I could see myself living there, playing there, raising a family, celebrating holidays, going to church potlucks, burning piles of leaves on the side lawn in the fall, pulling children on sleds. It was all in that painting for me! I grew up and am now living in a house that looks exactly like this house in front! When we were looking at houses 10 years ago, I just knew that this was The House We Were Meant To Live In Forever. Not realizing I had been looking at this house since I was a toddler inside a painting, for Pete's sake!

So imagine my surprise a few summer's back when Mom handed me a large lawn bag of stuff that she wanted dropped off at Goodwill and when I opened it to see what she was getting rid of, actually gasped and lunged for the set of 2, rescuing them from never being found again.

So the moral of this story is: Always check the lawn bags of 'junk' that your family is letting go of as they might not contain simply 'junk'. (Pause for dramatic crashing cymbals...)They might contain your childhood hopes and dreams!

And you know what is funny is I don't recall ever telling anyone about these daydreams I had about living inside this painting. I just assumed everyone knew how important it was. Don't we all have childhood memories of something that ended up getting thrown out or passed on to someone else who couldn't possibly have the same strong feelings about such a odd item? Time to talk to Lu and Bud and see what they absolutely love in our home so I don't accidentally recycle it!

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The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

That's a lovely painting--I'd love to live in it too! And I think it's always worth doing a little research before getting rid of something like this. When we did the estate sale for my husband's parents, the two little oil paintings that had always hung in his sister's bedroom turned out to be by a well regarded artist, painted just after the Civil War. The pair ended up being auctioned at Christie's. We still can't believe it!