Introducing the latest member of the family: "Fishy" the Beta Fish! Not bought on sale, but purchased because Bud's eyes filled with tears when we walked past the Beta Fish area.

"MOM! Mom, do you remember Nemo?! He DIED! Last summer!! Remember Mom?! And now we don't have a FIIIIIIIIIIIIISH!!"

Um. Yeah. Like I am going to continue to walk past and not get one.

Nemo, the fish who passed on last summer, only lasted about a year. The other Beta's that we had a few years ago (Sebastian, Flounder and Ariel) lasted at least 2 years. Ariel, the lovely red Beta and her fish home was knocked off the fireplace mantel rather violently by her:

And this was probably the last sight that Ariel saw. Poor fish.

Callie The Cat typically looks like this:

But don't let that soft, innocent look fool you.

After what we refer to as 'the fireplace fishbowl incident' we moved Flounder and Sebastian up to Bud's nursery where the fishies kept him company by swimming happily high up on his bookcase. Sebastian didn't care for the coolness in the room and, well, you can guess the rest. Flounder stuck with us about 6 more months. And then, a few days after walking past a 'leaf' on Bud's wooden floor, I, um, stopped and took a good hard look at why there was a leaf on the wooden floor over by the bookcase. In the Spring.

It was no leaf.

Flounder apparently jumped.

And we were done with being fish owners for awhile.

So fast forward to a Minneapolis trip and a awesome shop at Ridgedale called In The Afternoon and finding a fish bowl that could be hung on the wall! Almost like a porthole on a ship! It was quickly snatched up and and soon after Nemo came to live with us. You know the rest of the story.

And now we have "Fishy!"

Long live the fish.

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