Friday Thrifting

As you know I typically don't hit any thrift stores on Friday or over the weekend, only on occasion. Which is funny because during the nicer months here in the Tundra, we rummage on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

But apparently I was feeling adventurous or at least all buzzed up on Burger King coffee (it is oddly amazing, try it!) and Bud was all sugared up from an order of Cinnamini's so we threw caution to the wind and set out. At our first Goodwill stop, here were the treasures that were just sitting on the shelves quietly waiting for me:

The white metal drinking glass holder is most likely going to get a coat of dark brown paint or else I will put it away until summer when I start to think more in creams and whites.
The plaid thermos had never been used! I have a weakness for thermos bottles. Dreams of taking them filled with soup or chili with a warm blanket to sit on to a State Park in the autumn...eating our soup and then gathering the colorful fallen leaves to make a craft out of. Haven't done it yet, but that little daydream is pretty darn strong in my head!

This little silver box will be used to put jewelery on the bedroom dresser OR to keep little treasures in on one of the island shelves in the kitchen.

And the colors in this English biscuit holder just made me tingle...I don't know if its the fascination with the colors, the English-ness of it all or if I just like containers. That found its home in one of the bottom shelves along the side of the island in the kitchen over the weekend.

Bud, however, was not as impressed with our finds as I was. And upon leaving that Goodwill he casually suggested we visit one of the other Goodwill's. I am raising these children right! So of course, we had some time, let's browse another. And there, we found fabulous toys! Toys I had no problem purchasing because they went with other toys we own! Thomas take-along train set toys, Weebles (don't you just love Weebles??) and a Learn Thru Music toy with all the cartridges ever made!

Then we both came home and played with our new-to-us treasures and continued to do so the rest of the weekend.

The End


cari kraft said...

What yummy goodies you found! Yea for the Goodwill!!!!

Laurie said...

I love those thermoses too! I think they look nice in the fall clustered together near a picnic basket or any little basket. I have yet to use them for soup but I have put some fall arrangements in them and that looks very pretty too. Just found your blog-looks great!!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

I have that same tin canister! Love your site...thanks for coming by and saying hi. cherry

Missa said...

Lovely tin and I really like the plaid thermos too!