Monday Thrifting

My partner in crime to thrift with on Mondays is Bud...he is a good treasure hunter, yes he is! Yes he is! (Sometimes he needs a bit of encouragement...)

Today we hit one of the 3 Goodwill's in our area and this is what we walked away with:

Another (yes, yes, I know) tiny plastic nativity that was stuffed into a cocoa tin that I just happened to open thinking "Who donates old cocoa to Goodwill??" It was 75 cents, so how could I possibly not buy another?

Here is a box of 6 lacing cards from the 50's

A vintage cheese slicer! I actually needed one of these for the kitchen, whoooohoooo!

And a great old cookbook from 1960 entitled Menus For Entertaining that will be a good afternoon read.


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Hmmm, those lacing cards look familiar...I think I learned to sew on them!

Missa said...

Aww, the sewing cards... so cool!