More Thrifted Goodies

Tuesday, I went to my top secret Thrifting spot, the one I am hesitant to tell anyone about. I've never run into anyone I know there, but they seem busy enough so its not like they need me to advertise for them. I know, shameful on my part.

Here are some past finds that have made their way back into the dining room corner hutch now that my snowman herd is packed away for the season:

I think one of the funny things about these goodies is: I am truly not a teal nor turquoise kind of person. But some items were bought in other places and it just works in there.

A sweet gathering of flowers that just begs for Spring to arrive and soon, please.

Glass lidded pedestal candy dish

Glider Gracie was a little card that I found at Hunt and Gather last summer in Minneapolis, I assume from an Old Maid set?

A tiny glass rock from Sister 2's fire pit and Girls Weekend last July

A rawther cool metal tin that I believe held English biscuits at one time and was found while rummaging one weekend a few years back

Such happy little shelves all geared up for warmer weather! And the last item that was actually found in that shop is this:It won't go in that corner hutch even though it would look nice in there...instead I will curl up with it in the evening and dream of the ocean.

Summer is coming right???


Missa said...

Lovely collection of blue/white items. That tin is wonderful and the book too!

Laurie said...

You found some great items-the blue looks so icy and crisp with the white. I love Gift from the Sea. It looks pretty with shells around it in the summer. You mentioned Hunt and Gather so I'm guessing you must be from my state-LOVE that store!!