Should've Gone To Goodwill

But Noooooooooo. Instead I had to go to Target. Had to do a run through of one of my favorite happy-places and get some much needed Kleenex, napkins...just some basics.

I was making my purchases when it happened.

The adorable little check out girl asked me about my necklace that has Lu and Bud's names engraved on it, very Lisa Leonard style, I get comments on it all the time. She told me she LOVED my necklace...And then she said:



"Um, No, They are my children"

She was all apologetic and the woman behind me was just cracking up as was I...At least she didn't ask me when I was due, right?? Then I might have had to raise an eyebrow at her and twitch my eye a little to get her to STOP TALKING.

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The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Bet she doesn't do that again, so at least you've someone else some angst! ;o) I can sympathize...I've never remotely approached thinness, and I actually had a woman pat my tummy once and ask me when I was due. I just smiled and said oh, I'm not pregnant, I'm just fat. I'm happy to remember that she was more embarrassed than I was--which was only right!