Thinking Spring

I am finally finding a way to beat the cold, blah weather...browsing through the Gurneys Seed Catalog and dreaming of warmer days ahead.

It all started with the Sunday paper and seeing a flier for a Blueberry Plant! If you have been with me since the blog-beginning, you might remember that last summer was my introduction to gardening and we used some old window boxes, set on our patio, that worked like a charm. The feasting on green peppers, sweet pea pods, basil and tomatoes was fabulous. We are going to use those window boxes again, but I wanted to expand my green thumb horizons by taking on berries this year. Hubby said "Um, no" when I approached him about starting some various berry vines growing on our fence line..."too close to the grass and mowing...and we CANNOT be encouraging the @%&*! rabbits, they are rodents! And they MULTIPLY quickly Sonya! That is NOT a MYTH!" Somebody has bunny issues. And moles. If you are keeping a list, we don't like moles.

But having POTS OF BERRIES! What a fabulous idea! No grass will be harmed in the process and if rabbits want to swarm the brick patio to share in a berry picnic, I am fine with that...I think.

Looking through the catalog has me drooling at all the types of potted berries we can raise.

How do you beat the January cold?


LeatherneckJoe said...

There nothing like garden plants to carry us out of these winter blues. Here is a good online source for blueberry plants. http://www.gardenharvestsupply.com/category/buy-blueberry-garden-plants-blueberries-blueberry Keep in mind that you should plant two different varieties for pollination reasons.

Missa said...

Blueberry plants are wonderful. We were lucky enough to hear about (through a friend who saw it on Craigslist) an elderly couple with a blueberry farm whose children didn't want to care for it anymore, so they allowed people to come out and dig up the blueberries rather than just letting them die.

We ended up with several 60-year-old heirloom blueberry plants for free, which we have planted in half wine barrels. Having them in the barrels is nice because you can move them around. They produce delicious berries :)