Toyland, toyland...

Dear little girl and boy land, when you dwell within it, you are ever happy there...
Toyland, toyland, mystical magic Toyland...once you pass it's borders, you can never return again.

What a sad bittersweet song Johnny Mathis sang! Geez...

Maybe this is why we have a bit of a toy problem?

Am I trying to hold on to my children's childhood hopes and dreams? Go back to my own childhood? Completion of 'sets' problem? Retail therapy? Too many garage sales?

And the funny thing about all this is...this is organized! This is everything put back in its place! These are the toys that are still played with!

Not seen in any of these photos are the boxes full of toys that are waiting to be taken to Goodwill and the boxes that will be stored for the Children's Closet sale in April.

My wonderful hubby put up the shelving a few years back which hold many, many toys. I can typically tell it's time to go through the toys when I start tripping over things trying to get into this room or go past it to my crafting area.

Yes, I share my crafting area with the toy storage area. And a weight bench. In the basement. But I am trying to block that out. I am grateful to have a little nook of my own, truly I am. I am just still battling with the dark area and cement flooring! This room was an added on addition in our basement, so thankfully I am not sharing it with the washer and dryer or the rest of the storage areas. Yes, there are more storage areas, yikes!

So you don't get to see the opposite side that is stacked with the Children's Closet stuff as well as that weight bench!

It is a nice sized room to do what we need it to do...We stuck our old dining room table there to use as a crafting table and the old china hutch and buffet from Big Brother 1 years ago stores all my craft supplies. I am so glad we kept it for this purpose. When I need to regroup, everything has a place that it can go to and I can start fresh again. But the table gives me enough space to keep things out for awhile if I need inspiration or am in the middle of something I need to work on a while longer.

This is 'picked up and organized'...someday I will post the photos that are more gritty and glittered after a big craft mess!

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Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Wow! You are so organized and CLEAN! I could NEVER post pictures of my craft area in the basement. I think it might even be a fire hazzard right at this moment!