All About The Olive

We (meaning Hubby) finally started painting our master bathroom after nearly 10 years of indecisiveness...or just simply that there were other things that needed to be done around the house first.

(And this is why I need a new camera. Birthdays coming up. Doesn't look like I am getting another Cat or a Green Lamp, so maybe I should focus on asking for a new digital camera.)

Can you even tell that it's a gorgeous shade of Olive? And it makes the bathroom say "Hi There!" in a jovial, yet soothing voice whenever I round the corner? The camera I have just doesn't have that oomph to show that detail. So I need a new one. And trust me when I tell you what was before blah white is now a simply lovely shade of Olive.

And when we (again, meaning Hubby) finishes the second coat I will take more photos. Hopefully with my new camera.


Missa said...

Paint colors you love can be so difficult to find, isn't it wonderful when you do though?! A great color can really make all the difference in a room :)

The Country Experience said...

It looks so crisp against the white window. Isn't it amazing how a color on the wall can make such a huge difference.