Cleaning of The Thrifted

Sometimes when we are out thrifting, we come across great things but someone has taken a crayon to it, such as the case of the large talking Dora The Explorer House we found last week for $2. Not that long ago, I would have left it for somebody else to deal with. But that was before Mr Clean Magic Erasers! I like the heavy duty ones, personally. It only took a minimal amount of rubbing and the crayon completely was gone within 30 seconds. Amazing. An originally $50 toy.

My other 'tools' are hot soapy water, maybe a little bleach on certain items and always things get a good disinfecting with a few spritzes of a cleaner and a really good wipe down.

Any cleaner you are partial to? Do you have a fabulous thrifted item you were able to salvage with a little bit of elbow grease?


Wanda said...

LOL As soon as I saw the picture I thought "Magic Erasers". Man, those things are miracle workers, aren't they?

(Loving the Google feed reader thing. It lets me know as soon as a blog is updated. Now I can be Johnny On the Spot.)

Anonymous said...

I do a bit of the freeze/thaw cycles for fabrics.

For example, I bought some wool yarn. IF there's any chance of moth larvae (and I don't think there is), they'd be killed by the 12 nights of below freezing temperature and subsequent daytime thaws that the yarn has endured.


sewingchick said...

I love Goo Gone! It works wonders for things I bring home from thrift stores.

Anonymous said...

I'm always looking for interesting old pictures. Often they're quite filthy on the outside and under the glass. To clean dusty, dirty, or sooty paper I use Absorene that Brodart sells. It's like playdoh. You can rub it all over the paper, and it'll pick up the crud without leaving any marks.

Shawndrea Corbin said...

Magic Erasers can definitely do no wrong! The only thing is that sometimes they can remove paint from items. Goo Gone is also wonderful for removing "gunk" off of thrifted items. There is a "Savers" by my house and they do a horrible job of placing their price stickers in the worst places and it's nearly impossible to remove the sticker completely. Goo Gone is a lifesaver when it comes to removing adhesives.