Decorating with Thrifted Finds

I truly try to not just buy, buy, buy things simply to hoard them or store them. When purchasing, I like to have an idea of where we'll put something or have a plan if I am going to alter an item, such as painting or glittering the heck out of an object. It may take a while to put that altering plan into motion, but it's a plan, nonetheless.

It has taken me a looooong time to get to this place, of not buying just to be buying. I want to feel something from the item, to think it will add to our decor or lifestyle.

Even with the kids' toys and books or clothing that we thrift, if they aren't used within a certain time frame, they move on.

Believe me, there have been and I am sure will continue to be things bought on a retail therapy high or else purchased and then realize later that it simply won't work. Or we have too much stuff again and I need to go through things and weed out. I don't want Hubby to have to walk past something every single day that he cannot stand to look at (again, remember the owl-on-pegboard??)...it would be so much nicer to be surrounded by things we love and have wonderful memories of. And I try to remember that as we sort through things..."Do we love this? Does it give us or the children a warm-fuzzy when they see it?" That is another reason why it helps to have the whole family see what is moving on so there aren't tears later.

But back to bringing items into the home...After things leave the 'holding area' on the dining room table, they usually find their way to where I had hoped they would go when I bought them. Take a look at the mantel above the fireplace:

Can you tell what I have thrifted, what was bought at full price and what was gifted to us?

The mosaic vase was thrifted today for $1 and I love, love, love the colors in it. The Big Ben was found in the Target clearance area for I believe 90% off. The chunky candles were gifts, but the holders were bought at full price and cost $3. The metal holder in the center was bought at full price, $5. You remember the green lidded glass dish from last week, found for $2. And the frog candle stick holders are a wedding shower gift from Sister 2, 18 years ago! In the far back is a scent diffuser that was a gift from my Florida Margie that rests upon a green little holder that was family thrifted from my Mom, years ago.

This is a fabulous vintage green glass lamp from Memory Lane that I am wanting so badly, I drool on it just a teeny tiny bit every time I see it to mark my territory. And since it is in the booth right next to mine, I get to do this quite often! It is marked at $55, but it looks worth every penny and I would get such good use out of it...it wouldn't be in the holding area for longer than it took me to set it down, take off my coat and take it into the front room.

18 seconds, tops.

It would look good on the buffet in the dining room, too.

And I do have a Birthday coming up this next month.

Just Saying.


vintagechica said...

Love, love this lamp!

The Country Experience said...

Ooh, I love the frogs! And the metal thing in the middle gives the setting such flair. It looks great!

Wanda said...

I'm liking the curvy metal thing in the middle.

Oh, gosh. When I get in decluttering mode, I try to do the same thing. Do I love it? I mean *really* love it? More often than not, the answer is -- yes I do. And decluttering just does not happen. Sigh.

Deenna said...

I wish I could live by your code! I'm trying harder, but stuff still seems to build up around here...here's a snippet of daily conversation with my hubby as he walks by something for the umpteenth time, "Why did you buy this again? Well...what are you going to do with it? Is it going to move soon?" LOL

LOVE that lamp sooo much! Hope you get it for your b-day!!!

Angie said...

Almost all my decorating is done with thrifted finds :)

And that is a gorgeous lamp.

svelteSTUFF said...

You mean, our Dining Room table isn't the only one used as a temporary 'layover' for 'stuff finds'??!

shane said...

I am the de-cluttering queen!! The best part is it ends up on Sonya's dining room table! :)

grunge-queen said...

Love the froggies - so whimsical! Did you get your lamp? I try to live by your thrift code but have little restraint when I see something I love - I often buy it not knowing how it'll work with my other stuff, then end up doing a creative whirlwind re-org (glass of wine in hand) to get everything to work in harmony!