Fisher Price Vintage Toys

Gather around, young 'uns...I have a story to tell.

Once upon a time in Sioux City, Iowa, A very lovely woman had a large amount of stuff to drop off at Goodwill. Good stuff. Stuff you would want to buy. Stuff she just didn't need anymore. After dropping off the bags and rubbermaids in the drive through area where there is always someone so kindly waiting to help her unload, she decided to do what she refers to as a 'walk through' of the Goodwill before she went on to do other good deeds through out her land. During her walk through which takes approximately 5 minutes to cover the whole store, she stopped. Was that? Could it be? Those colors...yes, YES! IT IS! IT IS A LARGE BAG FULL OF VINTAGE FISHER PRICE PEOPLE! She pulled herself together. She took deep breaths. She went to ask the nice woman working if the bag was for sale and for how much.

The bagful, my dear reader, was for sale. And this is what we brought home:

I love me a good vintage Fisher Price! And I think there is a moral to this story:

--If you get rid of things no longer neccesary in your life, something truly cool that IS rawther neccesary will come into it. Maybe not neccesary, but very, very cool, nonetheless.

And Snake Eyes. Use them, live them, love them, be them.

Oh, one last thing. The cost of the bag? $20


Anonymous said...

Well that's it! I am coming over to play -- not talk! And the man with the black hat mustache and hat is MINE! Hide them!

Wanda said...

You've got to be kidding! ALLLLLLL that?? There's a small fortune there! How fun! Hmmm... I think I'll run by our thrift this morning. Come ooooon, Snake eyes! Puff, puff.

(Love the telling of that story.)

Missa said...

WOW! What a score Sonya!
I remember having so many of the things in these pictures when I was a kid... the ferris wheel!!!

Fisher Price people were one of the things my sister and I enjoyed playing with most as kids. I would love to come across some for Clover :)

Jennifer Paganelli said...

You scored..I love the way you write!!

Laurie said...

Oh what fun! Good for you!!!! I love all the farm animals and farming items.