For Every Thing Thrifted...

Or every thing brought into the home, there must be something purged.

At least if you have been gathering as long as I have.

There just isn't enough space to keep every single thing ever bought and stored or gifted to us without adjusting and ridding yourself of something else now unwanted or un-needed. And that is when we 'give back' my friends.

Our local Goodwills are down on their inventory and need donations as do most thrift stores, at least here in my area. I managed to find some good thrifting over this past week so this weekend is going to be spent going through what we have and purging. And I can promise you, before the weekend is done, I will have filled the back end of my SUV, amazingly. We had 2 rather large toys enter our home yesterday so we now need 2 rather large toys to exit. And time for the kids to make another pass through their rooms and play spaces to see what can find new homes.

And I am in The Mood to get rid of things, so that always helps push the little projects along.

And I have a Plan:

All items we are go through and are now leaving us will go into piles:

--One pile is for Goodwill and other Thrift stores in the Sioux City area that take donations. I try to spread the love out by donating to several, not just one. As I fill the bags for donations, they will immediately go out to the car. The stores that they are going to be donated to are open well into the evening hours, so I know I will get them donated today. Is there anything worse than purging and then having the bags sit in the basement for another week or two? This pile will consist of household 'stuff', toys and clothing...nothing torn or broken or useless. Donating junk is not truly donating. It's making somebody else throw it away and is not very generous.

--One pile are things that will go to Children's Closet that will sell in April at a local church sale (it is an awesome sale, I will tell you more about this sale and who it benefits as it gets closer!) This pile is really good toys and clothing that is still like-new.

--One pile is for items that will find their way to Memory Lane and The Booth. Decor is what I focus on for this pile.

--One pile is for friends and their children, things they might be able to use or pass on to somebody else.

--One pile is for Freecycle...visit freecycle.org to find a group in your area. This helps to keep junk out of landfills by helping you find a home for items you could never imagine somebody wanting...but somebody usually does!

Real, honest-to-goodness photos will be following soon so you can follow me on my little joyride here and maybe join in!

Leave a comment and tell me how you get rid of unwanted items and what motivates you to do some purging of your own!



Anonymous said...

I've found some wonderful treasures over the past month at thrift stores. I've "shared" a few with friends or family, but have brought more goodies home than I have room for. Time to get rid of a few things! Seeing first hand how much others enjoy the thrift store treasure hunt is helping me letting go of things I no longer use. Knowing others will give them a "new life" is wonderful.

Anna Banana's Mommy said...

I too have made a thrift pledge. No more until I give back more! It is just so easy to have more than ther is room for! I have found some amazing things at the thrift but as everyone else...I must be resilient in my pledge!!!!

David & Sarah said...

I know this a late comment, but I just found your blog. I inspire myself to purge by watching Clean House or Hoarders. It scares..er, I mean motivates me to clean up! I also use freecycle, but first, I check with neighbors. Living on a military base means there are always families moving in and out, and we often pass furniture back and forth, as our needs and tastes change. Thanks for writing such a great blog and I look forward to reading more!