Getting A Bit Concerned

The lamp is still at Memory Lane.

People are asking if it has arrived yet and it has not. I walk past it every day I am there and am surprised that it is still there and not in my hubby's trunk awaiting my Birthday.

My Birthday is over 3 weeks away, but still...what if somebody else scoops up my green glass lamp and buys it for their home?!

I started getting a tad bit concerned when I showed it to Lu and she said "Really? That is what you want? I don't know if Dad is gonna go for that. It's really big. And really green."

I was a bit more concerned when I showed Hubby the pictures of it so he would know exactly which one when he went to buy it. And his eyes widened. Really, really wide.

Remember how we were talking about not wanting a family member to really dislike something that is in our home?? I have two people in my home who are not jumping up and down at all about this lamp. Let alone jumping up and down as high as I am.

Maybe they are just really good at acting they don't like it? I can't be the only one who thinks this is just one of the most beautiful things, ever?


Wanda said...

Isn't that funny? They just don't have your vision.

Sometimes the more we think about something the better it gets. I've had things I coveted so hard. Wanted them soooo bad. Then stayed away a month or two and when I saw it again, wondered what I saw in it to begin with. LOL Heck, I still remember a buggy seat I saw at an auction in 1977. I wanted to put it on my front porch. I think it sold for $40. That was a lot of money to us. I didn't get it, but it haunted me for years and years and years. When I finally saw another it did nothing for me.

Thanks for the condolences. It gets a little easier every day, naturally. But I'm still at the stage where I don't *want* it to be easier. You know?


Deenna said...

Well...I think it's GORGEOUS!!! Some people just don't have good taste. LOL

If you don't get it, or you can't wait that long, just treat yourself! Go ahead...do it! LOL

grunge-queen said...

Ak I hear your pain: years ago I saw a gorgeous vintage coat with my beau of the time. I wanted it SO badly I couldn't wait - went back and put it on layaway. When HE went back to buy it for me for my B-day (or was it Xmas?), it was gone, natch. It would have been SO much more special coming from him ... he knew I loved it so. I wrecked the surprise, which could happen with you ... but then if Hubby doesn't get it you're out a lamp. And for the record I don't know if I could have NOT bought that coat!

Michelle said...

YOUR BIRTHDAY! OHHHHHHHHHH! What fun we shall have! Oh the things I have planned!