Memories Of Thrifting

Shopping Golightly at THE THRIFTY CHICKS blog posted a lovely comment the other day talking about thrifting as children. I urge you to read the post entitled Fond Memories Of Thrift.

Did you thrift as a child? Do you still thrift? Do you take your children thrifting with you?

Growing up, weekends were spent at our lake home in Minnesota. It was a huge deal to drive the 7 miles into the nearby town to visit the Flea Market on Saturday mornings. We kids were all given a few dollars to find our treasures and sent on our way with an agreement on where we would all meet up again. I had certain booths to visit that never let me down. Huge tables filled with books for 25 cents each or 5 for a dollar. How I loved browsing those tables! The toy tables were also a huge draw, even into my tween years.

My Mom, sisters and sisters in law searched for kitchen decor, fiesta ware (you could buy it so cheap in those days!) interesting jewelery and furniture.

I loved seeing the treasures that everyone found. We would spread all our loot out on the cabin's dining room table (hmmm...the holding area, perhaps?) when we got home to show each find to whoever didn't come in to town with us. Or just to ooh and ahh over each piece once more. To this day, many of the really cool treasures that they found, are still AT the cabin.

Do you find yourself hesitant to tell others that you are a thrifter, garage-saler, junker? I have no problem telling anyone who asks where items in our home come from and have a tendency to also say how much I was able to find it for! This wasn't always so...I didn't thrift for many years. I'm not truly sure why but when I think about it, I blame the excessive brand named 80's and 90's. But about 5 years ago, I came to my senses and got back into the thrifting game.

And now, today...the items I want for our home? I know where there are treasures to be found: Thrift stores, Goodwill's, Secondhand Stores, Rummage Sales, Tag Sales...and yes, even the good old Flea Markets.


The Country Experience said...

No, my family did not thrift shop when I was a child. My mother was horrified at the very idea.

It's neat to see where your holding area (dining room table) had its origins. What a great lesson in budgeting and shopping to give each kid a few dollars and the freedom to shop on their own.

grunge-queen said...

We never did growing up - not a ton of stuff in Ottawa, Canada, though I do have fond memories as a teen doing the church rummage sales with my dad after Saturday breakfast and finding Ports dresses! He and my sis would hit the records area - she'd walk away with Bob Dylan vinyl and I'd walk out with a bag of clothing for 2 bucks!! Guess the thrifting bug took hold then ... thanks Dad!!

I think there definitely may have been more of a stigma surrounding second-hand 'way back' then, especially when it came to clothing kids ... now it's hip to do consignment or trade-ins for kids' clothing and even baby stuff ... nice to see this reversal!

Missa said...

Oh I would definitely say I'm a proud thrifter and have no problems telling people about it :)

We didn't have a lot of money growing up, so thrifting was definitely a part of my childhood... thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets we did it all and there was definitely something magical about all the treasures to be found!

I take Clover thrifting with me ALL the time and I sometimes wonder if her earliest childhood memories are not going to someday be surreal visions of being carried through isles of strange and random junk at thrift stores, hahaa ;)