Placing Treasures

Here's a question for all you gathering Thrifters.

What do you do with your purchases when you get them home?

Do you immediately put them in the spot that you envisioned them being in? Do they go into the storage area to be dealt with later? Or are you like me?

Most of my purchases will spend about 48 hours (maybe more) on our dining room table. The one you see in a lot of my photos. They will land there after they have been cleaned up (if need be) or else they arrive there right from the bag. We refer to this as the holding area much to my dear Hubby's dismay. This is where he gets to view my treasures and sometimes walk away from shaking his head. Does anybody remember the ceramic-owl-mounted-on-pegboard-that-weighed-nearly-20-pounds?

Yeah. He didn't care for that little "treasure". Just to be clear, I don't know many people who did like it. I know it made many of our friends laugh, though!

Usually things stay in the holding area until I can figure out the perfect spot for them to be in the house. Sometimes they are in the holding area simply because I know I will have to put them away until a later date and I like seeing them there, touching them and thinking about future glittering, if need be.

These little figurines have been in the holding area for 2 weeks.
I LOVE them.
I don't WANT to put them away until Christmas. They make me rawther happy when I see them smirking at me. You can't tell from the photo, because my camera is simply terrible (I am certain my photos would be amazing and highly detailed if I didn't have such a terrible camera) but there is glitter all over their adorable little faces and legs.
I think they are going to find a little spot by our kitchen window and keep them out year round.
And for my Girlfriend Michelle...a close up of the eyes, BOO! How can you even start to find these gorgeous eyes frightening?!


michelle said...

Okay I love you but the eyes on those figurines scare me! They look like they will come alive at night and hurt you! Sorry! love ya, Michelle

Chic Junk said...

I have two holding areas. I have the one my fiancé can see and won't make fun of, which is the dining room table, and I have the bed in the spare bedroom that he rarely goes into. He has a holding area of his own for my stuff. I have one piece that mysteriously makes it to the attic everytime I have it out. I have to leave things out to be inspired!

Sonya said...

Chic Junk, I know what you mean about having the stuff out for inspiration...you are totally dead on with that comment, thank you!

Michelle...You were one who laughed about my owl-on-pegboard. No more playdates until you embrace the figurines.


Laurie said...

I usually clean the item and put it where it belongs right away because then my husband doesn't notice that I am bringing home MORE stuff!!!! Another trick is that I just leave it in my car until I decide where it will go.

Missa said...

Aw, they're too cute,and only a wee bit creepy, but in a good way!

Sad to say my holding place is currently the crib that continues to go unused, haha.

michelle said...

I awoke at 3:00 a.m to find your "darling" figurine staring at me with a sharp object in her hand! hehehe! I know we can have a play date and have a soap opera with the two figurines. We will name them Bambi and Bimbi! And their boyfriends, yes plural, can be those plastic men with black hats you found. What time shall we play?

michelle said...

Hey Sonya,
My holding place is the trash can! HAHAHAHAHAH! Feel free to thrift in my garbage cans anytime! I won't even charge you!

Anonymous said...

I agree with michelle, a bit scary.lol

I agree Chic Junk, I get things I love at my favorite thrift and put them in my holding spot. The pantry. Then I look at them from time to time and most items make it out.

Love your ideas and finds!

icandy... said...

Ah!!! Me too! My dining room table! (for at least a day) I plop, sort, clean and then find each and every treasure a good home somewhere around the house. :)

I soooo LOVE your two little pixies! They are just too sweet!

Mermaids of the Lake said...

I am reading this post of yours in your archives. I keep some finds out for awhile if I have to make room for them or don't quite know what to do with them. Pixies.... I collect and love! So, I keep some of them out year round. I tend to rotate. I have a couple of my favorite red ones out now with a vintage Valentine. I pull the green guys out in March for St. Patrick's Day, and little guys similar to yours I would probably leave out year round. Aren't they just so darling and fun. They look sweet and mischevious just like little boys!

Mermaid Debbie