Thrifty Epiphany

While clearing out my Mom's kitchen over the weekend, I realized something. Maybe you already realized this. My Brother's both realized it after seeing my Blog and now it was apparently my turn. I am sure various family members are nodding their heads in agreement saying to themselves "Oh, yes, I knew what she was doing!"

I am thrifting stuff that I hadn't even remembered from my childhood.

All those green pedestal dishes I have been grabbing up at Goodwill? Mom had them. Didn't know that until Brother One started pulling them out of the 'vase cupboard'. I didn't need my Mom's green glass pedestal dishes because I have thrifted several of my own!

Those little plastic Nativity shiny brite's that I can't walk away from? Check.
Vintage Tupperware? Check.
Plastic lid-covered frosted candy dishes? Check.
Anything OLIVE colored? Check, check, check, check, check and check.

Is Olive even a good color choice for anyone else or is it my personal flashback to the 70's? I can't walk away from anything colored Olive.

I have also realized the past few days that the thrifting we all do is rather personal, isn't it? A memory that something triggers that we never realized existed but was back there in our minds nonetheless.


svelteSTUFF said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving a note!
Ditto on the thrifting - it has to stir something within for it to come home with me... not always sure what that 'something' is that it stirs, but...
"Stuffs gotta have Soul!"

susan said so said...

My wifey and I say all the time that "we're buying back our childhood, one thrift score at a time."

The wave of nostalgia can wash over me from the most inconsequential items - old matchbooks, a plastic cup, a tattered towel like the one I took to swiming lessons when I was 5...it't like a time machine.