Valentine Creating

Lu, Bud and I spent a truly enjoyable time creating a few Valentines over the weekend...sometimes (more than sometimes) it is hard for me to just relax and let the kids make a mess or create on their own without my input. We put everything in the middle of the dining room table and voila! There was only one tussle and it was for a sequin that both Bud and I wanted.

He won.

See, I can be the grownup.

The Valentines were found last year at Target during their 90% off Valentine clearance and I am so glad I picked up several boxes. They
were scrap booking Valentines that came with 8 cards in a pack that you could embellish with all sorts of goodies like those sequins, glittered tags, ribbons and such that also came in the package. And then we added some princess foamies from the craft closet that Lu has far outgrown, but Bud has some girl-friends who will looooove them.

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Shane said...

His favorite aunt and Grandma would love one too!