Christmas In March

While walking through Goodwill this morning, I came across this box:

Which looked like this when I turned it around:

And pulled this out, brand-spanking new, like the day it was packaged:

Thrilled to pieces! I don't have any true cardboard houses, so this is such a treat to own. And it set me back a whopping $2. Did I mention it is a musical church that tinkles out Silent Night?

And then I had to grab these little ones since I seemed to have a Christmas theme going today while thrifting:
Aren't they just too cute? It is hard to tell in the light of the picture, but they are covered in white glitter.

This is a great time of year to pick up holiday items that are marked down low...tag sales will start popping up like tulips here in the next couple weeks and there will be fun seasonal goodies to be had that people have held onto for the past year. As long as you love it, have space to store it, then by all means, scoop it up.

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The Country Experience said...

What cute little mice! I figured that they either already had glitter on them or would shortly. :) Very pretty church, too.