Let The Celebration BEGIN!

When we returned home today, all four of us immediately noticed there was a package stuffed into our mailbox. Hmmmm...Package? For Me, perhaps? Because my Birthday is Monday? From my Girlfriend down in Oklahoma?? Hurray!

And because I am horrible, HORRIBLE at waiting, let alone for two more whole days...I opened it.

And this is what I found!

A package of *18* different fine ground Martha Stewart glitters! Look at all those gorgeous colors.

Does this girl know me or does this girl know me?

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! Birthdays are the best!


The Country Experience said...

So are the 3 fawns going to get brown glitter, or another color? ;)

Happy Birthday, a few days early! It already looks like you'll be enjoying it, lol.

Missa said...

Oh, those cute lil' deer are in for it now! Have a wonderful birthday Sonya!