Random Thrifting

I am up to my eyeballs right now trying to get rid of some things, organize some things and figure out placement of things, run a huge pile of things to Goodwill and run a huge pile of things to the booth to sell. Plus, Brother One and Brother Two delivered my Dad's old metal office furniture, a large old wooden wardrobe and 2 big console radio/phonographs yesterday that we are working on finding the perfect places for in our home. So instead of doing any of that, I am going through old photos of thrifted items I may not have shown you yet so I can delete photo files.


Talk about being rawther good at procrastination!! These are all items that need to find their spot in our home as well.

I am still a sucker for a good Little Golden book and hot pads seem to be making me happy these days, too.
A great old double-sided plastic measuring cup
These crack me up...old plastic containers that you put quart cardboard milk or orange juice in to help 'sturdy them up a bit while you pour'
And old recipe clipping holder
More Little Golden
Metal coffee mug holder that I am going to alter in some way, some day.
Stencils for the kids to play with in our rainy day box
Ohhhh, Dr Seuss gets me pretty happy, too.
And an old butter churner to round out the mix. This was brought over by a wonderfully generous Girlfriend and I am still loving it, just not sure the perfect spot to put it. My instinct was to fill it with glitter and use it as a display piece at Christmas!

Everything you see here cost about 50 cents to a dollar.


Linda Crispell said...

Great items!

Songbirdtiff said...

Fun stuff. I have never seen those holders for milk cartons. Too funny.l

Jennifer Paganelli said...

cute stuff Sonya!!

Missa said...

That butter churner is pretty darn cool. So I take it, a little WD-40, and you'll be churning your own butter from now on ;)

Frugal Maven said...

Loving that recipe file! I think just small colored Christmas balls in the churn. Or actually make some butter. Yum........