Watkins? Seriously??

Oh, it was such a nice weekend getaway! And now we are back and getting unpacked and settled back in.

I picked up some Fabulous-smelling all purpose cleaner while wandering around the Minnetonka Target...Buy some for yourself if you can find it. The scent of aloe/green tea makes me want to spritz some on the floor to roll around and languish in. Or put in my bathwater.

It is that good.

So I have been spritzing around the house, cleaning all morning, much to my family's delight. Why didn't I buy more??

And by cleaning and doing laundry, I am able to keep so busy that I can put off dealing with this mess until at least tomorrow:
I will do some more picture taking (I have such wonderful things to show you!) after I get the 'holding area' figured out. This is just one area of it so I have a whole lot of work ahead of me...thank goodness it is fun work!


The Country Experience said...

Hm, sounds like it has catnip for humans in it. I must try some, lol.

Karla said...

Oooh!! I have that exact product, but in a handcream on my desk at work. It's fantastic - great ingredients, and a big hit with my co-workers.