Don't Move! I think she saw us...

OK, for all you first time deer glitter-er's...Here is My Glitter Tutorial: Remember I am not a professional, I just play one on this Blog.

First of all, gather up your tools.

Go ahead.

I can just wait here while you go get them.

--Metal Trays to put the items on that will be glittered. You cannot have too many of these

--The Items you are glittering

--Paintbrushes I like to have several different sizes on hand from teensy to watercolor size

--Glitter there are so many different types and textures of glitter, try them all if you can to find what works for you...on this project, I used Martha's ultra fine

--Glue I like Martha's glittering glue, tacky glue, craft glue...Elmer's is OK if you have NOTHING ELSE IN THE HOUSE, but try to get something a bit thicker than school glue...

Now...Put your deer on the tray. Don't let them try to talk you out of it.

Lay them down on the tray and decide where you want to begin. Again, keep your confidence up.

Start painting on the glue...

And then sprinkle on the glitter...don't be stingy with it.

This is a 3 step glittered project.

You do as much as you can holding on to a leg or whatever, turning it over to glue as much as you can and then follow up with the glitter. When you run out of something to hold on to, you are done for about 2 to 4 hours (at least) while it gets good and dried. Then you grab onto a dried glittered part and finish gluing and glittering the rest of the deer.

Again wait at least 2 hours (I am more of an overnight-sort-of-glitter-drier) and then take a good hard look at the deer and see if there are any spots that you might have missed, there always are, and re-do those. These deer are 2 glittered steps in and I am just waiting for them to dry completely before I do the final touch ups...you can see the leg area that needs to be redone.

And then Voila! Glittered Deer on display for the holidays!


Kathie said...

They look great!!! I'll have to find something to glitter, just to give it a try :-)

megan said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial. I think I need to find something to glitter asap!

Michele said...

They are just tooo cute! Thanks for sharing the tutorial...I know I have some deer in my stash somewhere!


Maison Douce said...

They turned out darling!! Thank you for the tutorial!

Saver Queen said...

That is so cute - I love it! I never thought of this before. Definitely going to keep an eye out for little things around the home that I can glitter. i have lots of really pretty glitter here, too, just waiting to be put to use! :)

Sonya-Dime Store Thrift said...

Thanks Ladies! It really is almost theraputic to glitter something.

grunge-queen said...

So magical ... the glitter looks like snow that they're standing in!