Finders Keepers!!

Pottery Barn...Regaline...Glassware...Cookbooks...and Handmade Doll Furniture covered in velvet. I am going to arrange this all on my dresser so I can wake up to it in the morning.

Total cost for everything you see here, you ask? $6

This is so perfect, I don't care if I just leave it how it is. I don't want to fill it with flowers or anything. I am just going to let it 'be'.

I love these clear glass holders or containers that have that magical hint of blue sparkling through.

Wine. Lots and lots of summer wine on the back patio.

I am so addicted to Regaline these days. This one has some scotch tape with the word 'Mildreds' written on it. Hey Mildred! I thrifted your Regaline!!

Vintage cookbooks are better than a new novel.

Green. Glass. Of course I had to purchase it.
And I nearly tinkled when I saw this vintage velvet covered handmade doll furniture.

Insert a VERY contented sigh right here.


grunge-queen said...

OMG Sonya, can you shrink me into a doll? I LOVE the teenie velvet couch set - absolutely adorable!

The Country Experience said...

Green grass. Embossed green grass. There was no way you could have left it.

Huge haul for $6. Stand back, you are a professional.

svelteSTUFF said...

OH! I am SOOO ready for our saling season to begin!!

I bet you wouldn't mind if you came home and found that DH had filled that three vase/stand with live flowers - as a surprise of course - would you?!!

NICE finds!!

Just A Girl And Her Craftsman Bungalow said...

love the treasures.

I'm confused as to what you keep and what you sell? Curious about both.

Missa said...

Re: "Hey Mildred! I thrifted your Regaline!!"

LOL, you are just awesome. Congrats on your finds Sonya!