Heading Back To Yankton...Yankton...Yankton

We are having an 'Estate Sale' at Mom's old house on Saturday and I am up to my eyeballs in tags. And filling out tags. And trying to remember what is left in the house so I can write out the tags here instead of wasting that time there.

I took pictures of each room to have a visual of the items left in all of them and that helped immensely! So the tags are written out, I have a fresh roll of scotch tape and off we go.

Enjoy the weekend and I will be back in a few days!


Shopping Golightly said...

Good luck on the estate sale. Phew. That's got to be a big job.

svelteSTUFF said...

Oh... I can feel your exhaustion already!! Good wishes for a mentally and physically exhausting weekend ahead!

Sonya said...

Thanks Ladies! It will be good to be done with this task.

Missa said...

There is something quite lovely about these tags. Good luck with the sale and Happy Easter Sonya!