Inspiring Blogs: Heather Bullard's Re-purposed Desk

I am huge, huge fan of Heather Bullard...I haunt her site seeing what she is up to and drooling over her photos and ideas.

Awhile back, I spotted her 'Re purposed Desk' and immediately emailed to ask her if I could borrow those photo's on my blog to show anybody who might have missed them the first time around. (Always, ALWAYS ask to use someones photos...Never, NEVER just take them...) My photo's aren't all that, but I can promise you, there will be some shoutin' going on in the event I come across them somewhere else and had no idea...


Heather, the fabulous person she is, said YES! And here they are!

Is this not the COOLEST idea for using an old desk?? When I saw it, I could immediately see where it would look the best on our back patio. And how nice it would be to have that little area set aside for the summer. Don't you just want to go hang out with her? And have a nice glass of iced tea?

It is so far past 'wanting' one, I am now 'needing' one. It may take awhile to find the perfect desk to use, but it will happen.

Thanks Heather, for letting me repost those photos...to read her origional post click HERE


Missa said...

So gorgeous, what a wonderful idea! I really love the framed chalk board too.

Good luck finding your desk!

P.S. I saw a couple of lovely clear glass oil lamps at the thrift store the other day and thought of you :)

Sonya said...

Aren't her photos like something that should be in magazines?

I predict you shall always think of me here on out when you see oil lamps:)

Hugs, Sonya

Funky Junk Sisters said...

Darling blog, you will have to check ours out sometime http://www.funkyjunksisters.blogspot.com
Linda & Dixie
The funky junk sisters

Anonymous said...

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