It Has Begun

Rummage Sale Season!

It was windy, cold and drizzling, but we headed out nonetheless. Lu and I have been waiting for this day since last Fall!

There were only a few sales that we were going to go to...a prom fundraiser where we found a scarf to accent a shirt for 50 cents...a toy sale where we found chapter books for Lu and a bunch of Weebles and the large houses that they go into for Bud for a total of $5...and then off to an estate sale up the street hosted by a friend of mine who gave me this:

She just gave it to me. Which is always a bit awkward, isn't it? Oh, but the story gets better.

A gorgeous old heavy mirror that a chunk of BROKE OFF IN MY HANDS as we were leaving.

After she told me it was old, old, old.

Given to her by a favorite relative back East. And now being given to me because she wanted me to have it.

Did I mention old?


You know those moments of horror that you want to sink into the ground and pretend it is just a weird dream? Yeah. I was there.

And how am I ever going to be able to glitter it now that I know it's an antique? Although, the glitter would hide the breaks in the wood...


michelle said...

Darling, Your blog looks terrific! I think you can fix your mirror with some wood glue and a clamp. Hope all is well! Talk to you soon.
Love, Michelle

Sonya said...

You are terrified I am going to glitter it, aren't you?? Me-Thinks you had best be dropping by with a clamp and some wood glue shortly!

grunge-queen said...

Oh Lordie Sonya we have to meet one day 'cos we have too much in common: I too feel the urge to glitz up, paint and otherwise embellish gorgeous pieces like this - this mirror is amazing (what a nice friend)! I wouldn't recommend what I did a few years back, which was spray paint everything that wasn't tied down silver, but maybe a really pro job with good paint would make it pop a bit more, you know?

Sonya said...

Wouldn't we have FUN?!

The Country Experience said...

That is a great mirror, I hope the piece can be glued back on.

I hit a few thrift stores this past week and thought of you. It's a glass thing. I love the glass, and colored glass especially.