Much, much better...

The Basement looking down the stairs Before:

The Basement looking down the stairs After:

Everything found a place inside our home. And the toys that are left will be loaded up into the Explorer tomorrow morning and officially leaving on Sunday to head to Children's Closet...I'll tell you more about that this coming week.

Whew! Now on to the laundry room and craft area over the weekend.

Little Steps.


Wanda said...

Catching up on my favorite blog list, I see you've been busy! And --- Oh, my gosh girl! I'm almost inspired to get up from here and do the same thing! Well, you have actually inspired me, everything looks so good, I'm just not quite motivated, yet. Ugh. I just want to sit here. Wonder what it would take to motivate me?

The Country Experience said...

Wow! Do you make housecalls?