One Of My Top Goodwill Finds Of 2009

Thrifting Karma is good. Very, very good.

You take boxes and bags to Goodwill. You pay-it-forward on items you get from others and give on to others who can use it. You donate. You Freecycle.

And then late one Sunday afternoon you casually mention to Hubby that you want something to store canned goods in. Something that would fit in a certain area by the refrigerator. Some sort of storage. Something that requires minimal amounts of money or labor from using a carpenter to build us something.

"You know I like quirky!", You say enthusiastically. "I just need something that will act like a pantry".

Hubby raises those eyebrows and says "We'll look around".

And then.

While zipping through one of your favorite thrift stores the very next day...you see IT. A 6 foot tall, 1 foot deep metal cupboard with 2 doors on the front.

And you almost walk past IT. But you shake your head and do a double take and a couple back-up steps to touch IT. You think "Hmmmmm...this might be nice to use at The Booth in place of that weird shelf I don't like...I could paint it a great color and put cool things inside leaving the doors wide open...maybe do something with it and put it on the patio for gardening stuff...OR! OH! OH! Maybe this is what could work as the pantry!! OH! If I sand the rust off! And spray paint it! OH!!"

(Seriously, this is all being said loudly inside my head as I am thinking. I can only imagine what my face looks like to bystanders who may be watching me mentally freak out about an idea. Frightening.)

So you rip off the $5 (YES! $5!!) price tag and march toward the backroom of Goodwill to ask if someone can carry it out for you, nervously looking around to make sure someone doesn't come sprinting out of nowhere to try to carry it off for their own selfish purpose. And then you bring it home. And hope that Hubby won't raise those eyebrows and will be able to see in it the future metal cupboard that is very, very cool and not the sort of icky, rusted one that it is.

It is wooing him. I will let you know if it gets inside the house or if it is destined to be used at Memory Lane.


pink cupcake vintage said...

wow...that sounds great! would love a pic!

grunge-queen said...

OMG you are too funny Sonya - I love your description of how the thrift Karma thing went down -- show us a pic soon of your find!

Saver Queen said...

nice! what a great find for $5! I'd like to see a pic, too!

Thrift Store Mama said...

Oh yes, I know the feeling of "nervously looking around to make sure someone doesn't come sprinting out of nowhere to try to carry it off for their own selfish purpose"

At our thrift store you frequently have to get staff member to reach high up stuff, and then I REALLY look crazy because I'm trying to get them to hurry up and come to my "thing" before somebody clambers up there themselves!

Thanks for stopping by!