What is Kept and What is Sold

I had a question today in one of the comments left on the last post titled Finders Keepers regarding what I keep and what I sell. Sooner or later, I would guess that maybe 2 out of 5 things that I find get sold. It might take a month for me to move it on or it might take 10 years. I have been trying to buy only things that *I* love and want in my home but know that I have a place to take them (to the booth at Memory Lane) in the event that they don't look right anywhere I put them (or Hubby vetoes it, haha.)

Most of the items that head to the booth are things I am no longer into from years back that I am trying to weed out of my collections but I know other people still are wanting. And you know how I collect the pants off things when I do collect them, so this is where it goes when I am done and out of a phase. Other than that, it is Sister 2's stuff that she is getting rid of and I have picked over.

Looking through my last 25 posts, the only thing that went to the booth was the green recipe holder/binder. And I took that simply because I now have the one that my Mom used to use. In the 25 posts before that, I took the Loft flip flops to the booth because they were too big on me...The vintage cherry red purse because I am now carrying the black Coach bag...And that little glittered Easter house set that I weeded out of my own collection from about 10 years ago.

--I am thinking that the glass holders with the pale blue might go on to the booth because I do not have space for them in an area that makes sense to me right now. Unless Lu gets a hold of them, they would go nicely in her room, maybe as pencil holders or else in some way for her trinkets. If she doesn't want it, they will most definitely go.

--The Pottery Barn triple vases will stay because I LOVE IT!

--The Wine Glasses with the teal stems will be used through the summer and then will decide if I hold on to them or sell...

--The velvet covered furniture will go in the white dollhouse when we bring that back out to display again...

--The Regaline I love, love, love and use all of them, all the time. We put veggies in them, popcorn, chunks of bread, fruit...

--And I have a lot of that green glass here and there through the front living room and the dining room. Usually after I get a lot of something, I can just pick out my favorites and let the rest go on to somebody else.

--As for the vintage cookbooks I have been picking up, I keep until I have had a chance to go through them. If they are remarkable, I keep them on my cookbook shelf. Otherwise, off they go. Most of them are remarkable and I do not want to part with, at least at this time.


Michele said...

Oooooo...I love your blog! I found you from Heather Bullard's and had to stop by and say hi. I'm going to add you to my favorites if that's ok...so that I can visit often! Love all the things you find...you're just like me, buy things, but then can't decide if I want to sell them or keep them!

Have a great day!


Just A Girl And Her Craftsman Bungalow said...

oh thank you for answering the question. I'm surprised how much you keep for yourself!!!! I wish I could do what you are doing-- but alas two closets in this place and a new husband who is a minimalist. (hilarious right!)
I will live vicariously through your finds for now. :)

Thrifted Treasure said...

It's so hard to get rid of lovely things isn't it? I'm forever buying items with the intention of selling them on on eBay but usually end up keeping them (much to the annoyance of my husband). Very impressed with your haul on the last post too!

Missa said...

I recently came across this in a list of Rules to Live By:

"A collection doesn't have to be accumulated over time. Sometimes it's fun to buy the whole thing at once."

For some strange reason oil lamps popped into my head almost immediately ;)