I had a moment yesterday at the South Sioux City Goodwill. I was supposed to be home cleaning, but decided to do a bit of looking around instead. Anything to delay some cleaning, right?

I actually spent $27.82. I don't think I have ever done that before in a thrift store! 50 cents, yes. $11.00, yes, on occasion. But $27.82?

And I bought multiple things!

Can you guess what some of my purchases were?


Kathie @ my net finds said...

I see the word "wares" repeatedly on that receipt :-)

sewingchick said...

Around here it's easy to rack up a big bill at Goodwill; they're really expensive in comparison to other thrift stores in the area. They also don't have sales like the other thrift stores. My friend has actually boycotted them because their pricing has become outrageous!

Lisa E said...

I think you bought so dinnerware. And, I have :::wincing:::: spent well over $100 at GW's before. I buy the bagged jewelry and I am an addict (I'd pay anyone out there that can score me some GW bagged jewelry)