All That Rummage Build-Up...

And I spent 50 cents.

She had one of those older Tupperware pitchers with the little cap on the top of the lid that we used for Kool-aid back in the day.

Yes, I have one. But I had to scoop it up in case we go all out and make TWO flavors of Kool-aid at the same time one hot day this summer.

Either I was just not in the mood to do much shopping or I realized that I had quite a bit of stuff downstairs that I would just be adding to. Lu picked up an old suitcase that was marked at $4 that normally I would be giddy over...But we have a couple of those already that I am still deciding what to do with. So I left it for somebody else to be giddy about.

Aren't I a NICE rummage-saler?


The Queen of Clearance said...

I hate when that happens! It's like you want to shop but you cant find anything or you can talk your self out of everything!

svelteSTUFF said...

I think that it was just one of those weekends!!

elena-lu said...

oh well i bet you had fun looking at everything!! its not always about how much you spend or what you find sometimes its just fun to look :)
but yes i can see how getting all worked up for it and then not getting much would be a bit of a bummer!