Dollar Tree and Cleaning Products

I am in the process of doing a little experiment with cleaning products (and a few other things) from The Dollar Tree...Can I get away with spending just a dollar each for my cleaning products or will I need to go back to my name brand items?

I spent $20 and tax and this is what I walked away with:

2 Spider Man goggles (one for Bud and one for his cousin when we are in Florida) and I am so curious if they will fit well and not be thrown away the first time we use them. I also picked up a sun hat for Bud to shield him from the burning rays. It is a light hat that I am sure will disintegrate after our trip...but it was a dollar, so I don't care too much on longevity. It is meant to get wet, salty and sandy...

I normally buy batteries (16 for about $10) at Target...these are 20 for $5 plus a 2 pack of Alkaline for the camera for another dollar. We will see how they work compared to the Rayovac brand.

I also picked up a deodorant for myself and some baby shampoo for Bud...he's not a baby anymore, but who can deny that yummy baby shampoo scent on a little guy? And it's hypoallergenic for his sensitive little scalp, another plus. I used it on him in the bath last night and it worked just as well as the brand name baby shampoo we have used in the past.

Now, for cleaning products. I bought a bleach cleaner, 2 bleach toilet drop-ins, a bottle of Comet cleaner and a shaker of Comet bleach scrub, a package of 2 magic erasers, 2 boxes of dishwasher detergent and a bottle of laundry soap.

So far, the cleaning products are working just as well as the ones I spend a lot more money on in a regular store. Here is what I would have typically spent if I went to Target with my list:

Swim Goggles $6-$10
Swim Goggles $6-$10
Beach Hat $10
20 AA Batteries $10-$12
2 AA Alkaline Batteries $5
Deodorant $3
Baby Shampoo $3
Bleach Spray $3
Comet Spray $3
Comet Scrub $1
Dishwasher Detergent $3-$5
Dishwasher Detergent $3-$5
Laundry Soap $5
Magic Erasers $3
Toilet Drop In $2
Toilet Drop In $2

So by my calculations...I spent $20 on the same amounts of products that I normally spend $68 to $82 on depending on the sale flyer.

Wow. I think I need to do some shopping at Dollar Tree more often.

What are your experiences at shopping the dollar stores?


Frugalchick said...

I absolutely love the Dollar Tree. I buy so much there: greeting cards, gift bags, organic foods when they have them, bins and baskets for organizing, etc.

The Queen of Clearance said...

I love the dollar tree! I have found that I used their comet with no problem and I also use their dryer sheets without a problem. They have a knock of fabreeze that I am not a fan of however, and I use their dish soap as well. I might have to branch out into their other cleaning products and try them out as well! I enjoyed this post! Thanks!

Diane said...

You should did find some good name brands in your cleaning supplies. We (my daughter and I ) love the Dollar Tree!
Hugs, Diane

svelteSTUFF said...

LOVE the $1 stores... for certain items! I might warn you to be careful of the dishwasher detergent - it may wear/dull your glassware over time. This 'queen of cheap' will only use CASCADE. No problem with hand dish soaps from Dollar stores though!!

Shane said...

I LOVE the Dollar Tree! I love walking out of a store with a wad of bags and still have money! But being a hairstylist...Redken is the best shampoo no matter how cute Bud is!

elena-lu said...

i do enjoy the paper items from there since i go through paper items like crazy