Gardening and A Project

It was only a few short days ago I told you I wouldn't post on the garden again until it started producing...Well, guess what?

Can you see it? Look closer!

It is MAY! And there are actually two tomatoes on the plant! I don't think we had tomatoes starting until July last year. Seems those 3 days of heat wave last week really sped things up in the production department!

So after squealing loudly at the plants for a few minutes and encouraging them along with a "Look at you! Who is a big tomato plant, huh? Huh? YES, YOU! YOU ARE A BIG TOMATO PLANT!" we then decided to totally copy SouleMama and make little identifying rocks.

After school today, the kids get to try their hand at making the little Garden Markers for the rest of the herbs and veggies and to replace the ones I did this morning.


Dionne said...

I am so jealous! I would love to start my own garden - this is lovely! Alas, apartment life doesn't allow this :(

Eve said...

Ditto! :(

Missa said...

Yay for your tomatoes! We're still waiting on ours. I love the rock marker idea, maybe I'll copy it too :)

Shane said...

Pick 'em NOW! Isn't there something about fried green tomatoes??????

elena-lu said...

wow thats awesome!! woohoo!
this is my fave part: Look at you! Who is a big tomato plant, huh? Huh? YES, YOU! YOU ARE A BIG TOMATO PLANT" heehee too cuet!

Deb said...

Awesome! I have some blooms but not any little tomatoes yet. LOL on talking to your plants!

Sheri (green and crunchy) said...

Look at those CUTE little tomatoes! And you're right...so early! Lucky you, you'll be feasting on fresh tomatoes long before I'll be able to. Your garden looks really healthy and lush!

I'm going to copy your wee little rock-markers. Great idea, since I never know what the heck I've planted in each row :)

Thanks for the email and comment today :)

Vintage Whimsy said...

Wow! Your garden looks great. I should take some pictures of our little garden too. And I love your plant marker idea. I may have to steal that and make some for our plants!