How Does Your Garden Grow?

With our little 'heat wave' I thought it be best that the garden (and I use this term loosely) get planted.

I have always wanted a garden! Well, the last few years anyway. But our yard is used for playing with the kids...there just isn't a whole lot of space left that we want to till up.

And in a more truthful side note, one that we aren't going to discuss here often...And I will deny if you bring it up...we DID have a little garden plot about 8 or so years ago. Planted some tomatoes and pumpkins. And while watering one lovely evening, a snake zipped between my feet. And I was done up there for the rest of the summer leaving Hubby to deal with the tomato plants.

So, no, there is no area we will be tilling to use as a garden.

Instead, we use some old window boxes that we had on the front of our home and salvaged, filled with soil and stuck on our back patio.

Where there ARE no snakes. Nor will there ever BE any snakes. Please don't suggest otherwise. I have huge snake issues.

Last year we planted tomatoes, basil, sugar snap peas, green peppers and some onions.

This year, we planted 3 different kinds of tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, sweet red peppers, basil, parsley and peppermint. Bring Summer On.


Linda said...

Hi, nice looking garden! I just discovered your blog from Inspireco blog. I've just begun thrifting more myself and look forward to checking out more of your "scores" once in a while.

elena-lu said...

oh the photos are lovely! yay for gardens! i love them but dont have one myself YET! :)
yes i have snake issues as well and im not sure how i will resovle the fact that i want to garden but that means i have to run into the creepy crawlies!! hmmm thats gonna be a tough one!

Frippery said...

Looks like it will be yummy. I planted my garden in pots on my deck this year because no matter what I try the garden is always decimated by deer and bunnies! We live on six mostly wooded acres so I have come to accept snakes and giant spiders as well as all the cute furry creatures that eat my plants. Just found your blog and I signed up to follow. It is delightful, Pam

Kathie @ my net finds said...

eeek! the snake would have done it for me too! I would love to have a garden :-)

Missa said...

The garden looks wonderful! We have a couple of wooden raised beds that hubby built this year. The large one has tomatoes, summer squash, beans, and peppers. The small one is mostly herbs. So far everything is growing quite nicely!