It's Raining, It's Pouring...

And I need to go through previous purchases.

Nothing like a rainy day to make one declutter a bit!

We have been moving things out of the basement the past few weeks (remember that weight bench that was driving me NUTS? Gone!) But as part of the negotiations for that bench to leave our home, Hubby asked me to contain all my stuff into the craft room and not ooze it out into the laundry room.

SO. Everything is in the craft room, including toys that we have been playing hard with and not putting away correctly...and I can barely walk into the room. How does this happen?

Just kidding...I know I have a bit of a thrifting thing going on.

And with that, Bud and I are re-entering the basement to work at getting things organized once again. I shall miss you all.


Kathie @ my net finds said...

You've just proved to me how lazy I am! I always think a rainy day is the perfect time to organize and clean up, but then I usuallly just curl up and take a nap instead :-)

Anonymous said...

I love seeing your finds, they bring back fond memories of my childhood:)