Note To Myself:

Dear Sonya,

Cars need gas to run. If you don't fill your gas tank up again before the little icon signals that it is empty, the Explorer will not 'go'.

And you will be stuck on the side of a busy highway out in the middle of nowhere on your way to a play date, with your hazard lights flashing (after you figure out where they are located), trying to get a bar on your cell phone because you are in a dead zone and it's gonna take a few calls to get ahold of your husband to ask you come rescue you, telling 2 strangers and 1 policeman that Hubby will be there any minute, thanks for stopping and checking on me and the 2 children in the backseat asking lots of questions and Bud calling the officer a Super-Guy, like he is Spider Man, through a rolled down window all while a train rumbles past right next to where you are parked. Or should I say stalled.

So, Sonya, if you can do me this little favor and manage to stop at one of those gas stations that you see all the time while driving here and there and use one of their pumps and fill your gas tank when seeing it get below a quarter of a tank, all this won't happen again.



Kathie @ my net finds said...

oh no!!! I'm pretty bad about riding around on "E" but maybe I'll think twice now :-)

elena-lu said...

oh dear this sounds like a headache!! and im not good at keeping the tank filled oh ok i think i will keep this story in the back of my head and remember to fillup!! hope thigns got way better!!!

Kathie @ my net finds said...

hey Sonya,
maybe this will make up for a lack of gas a teensy bit :-) I have an award for you!

The Queen of Clearance said...

hahaha. My car always runs out of gas because the warning light stopped coming on to warn me i am low, so I always run out of gas. My husband hates it! Glad you made it home safely though.

one gal's trash said...

When I was in high school and college, I never once ran out of gas. Now that I am a grown up, drive a Dodge minivan and usually have at least 2 kids in the car, I run out about twice a year. Please don't tell my husband.