Thrifting, Out-Of-Town

We were at a Nephew's Graduation over the weekend and of course I had to take some time to do some thrifty browsing in one of the little towns nearby.

One of the stores was billed as a secondhand store with prices so high they were too ridiculous to even laugh at. Mostly I found it frustrating walking through the store and seeing a regular shirt marked at $8 that you find regularly priced for $4 at Target. That was odd. And VHS tapes for $7.50? Even odder. And we aren't even talking Disney VHS. I won't go back, again.

So I can understand your frustration when I show you the cool things I find here in Sioux City and you have a thrift store in your area that thinks you are bidding on Ebay...After downing a few martini's.

One of the FABULOUS stores I visited was in Story City, Iowa, right off Interstate 35...It is marked Antique Store, you can't miss it. And it is worth every moment you spend inside. Such treasures to be found and wonderfully clean. Items are definitely priced a bit higher, BUT, you are going to find fab things you never even imagined. And the store just kept going on and on and on! I truly wish I would have gone there first and spent all the time I had going through every single booth as closely as I wanted to...I probably would have needed about 4 hours! Instead I settled for a very fast half hour. Let me know if you have the chance to go.


mamas*little*treasures said...

Hi Sonya - I've been out and about again and found some wonderful treasures! Thanks for the encouragement . . . . I've listed you as one of my favorites on my blog! Come on over and take a peek! Nina

elena-lu said...

oh i hate when that happens! i really am a cheapy and i dont like to pay more than $5 on anything really and it does make me scratch my head when i see somthing thats more expensive than a regular store!