Thrifting In Sioux City

I thought it would be nice to blog about some of my very favorite thrifting places here in Sioux City...you know, in case you have a big summer trip planned and are in the area and must find goodies! All of these stores are first rate and you will not walk away empty handed.

Let us begin with an old favorite:

We have three great Goodwill stores in our area. The 'main' Goodwill is located in Riverside. It is the largest of the 3 and I have found everything from wonderful books and cookbooks to vintage Christmas to awesome toys to furniture to clothing and shoes. You never know what you will find here and I have never walked away empty handed. Ever.

The next Goodwill is located on Gordan Drive in Morningside. This is the second largest in Sioux City. We have found wonderful books, toys and games at this one. Obviously, there are tons of other things, I am just saying what we personally enjoy.

My favorite Goodwill is located in South Sioux City on Dakota Avenue. Mostly because of Pat, a fab woman who has become a good friend. This store is where I have found a Coach purse, books, Christmas, oil lamps, toys for Bud, cookbooks, kitchenware...this store is like my own personal little treasure trove. I could easily shop here twice a week. It is the smallest of our 3 Goodwill's, but jam packed with my types of goodies.

Oh, this place is what I refer to as Sioux City's Best Kept Secret:

I have posted about this store before since finding it recently. Julie the proprietor, her Dad and Brother are the trio that run the place. But our favorite 'person' is of the 4 legged variety,named Bailey, a Bernese Mountain Dog who is the official greeter.
Julie has a way of organizing her store that makes you want to walk around and around at least 4 times so you don't miss anything.
My best finds here are vintage Tupperware, old cookbooks, fun vintage entertaining items...there is always something cool that has to come home with me.

This store I have the pleasure of visiting once a day. You can usually find me hanging out at Booth 17 either rearranging or dropping items off. Memory Lane is located in Indian Hills and seems to always be busy.
When I am not visiting my booth to do little spruce-ups, I am doing what Bud and I refer to as a 'walk through' seeing what the other vendors have brought in. Memory Lane has FABULOUS vendors...everything is priced really reasonably and you can find everything from a great new purse to children's clothing to wonderful old antiques and furniture.
And Bill, Lynne and Ron are truly wonderful people who are very knowledgeable in what they sell.

And last but NOT least is Secondhand Finds and Furnishings...
If you go along my side bar, you can click into their website which showcases all of their wonderful goodies they have for sale. Their website is updated often and I can promise you, you will find something in there that you HAVE to have. Just from the website! And when you go there in person, be ready to spend some time browsing through the booths for some very unique treasures.


elena-lu said...

what a helpful post! i have a few goodwill stores but i never seem to find WOW items that make me want to go back! there is however a thrift store called ValueVillage and that one whoa nelly that one has tons of goodies all the time and the price oh the price! i all kinds of things for a $1 so feel very spoiled cause if im somewhere else and i see something cute but its more than a couple of dollars i pass it up!

Kathie @ my net finds said...

Hi there! I have an award for you over at my blog, stop by to pick it up! :-)

Kathie @ my net finds said...

I love stores that have animals in them as "greeters"! :-)

you've been tagged check out my latest post for the meme :-)

used cars sioux city said...

I can't believe you found a Coach purse! I will have to start scouring the Goodwills once a week.