De-Cluttering! Here We Go Again...

Lu and Bud are enjoying a short vacation at Grandma's House with one of their favorite cousins (Thanks, Grandma!) while I enjoy a short vacation at our house. Yesterday afternoon was spent cleaning out the craft/storage/toy room and trying to get many things back to where they should be.

Seriously. How often do I need to DO this?? Apparently, once a month seems to be my magic amount of time to keep my craft room opened up and work-able.

You know how much I bring into the house just by reading past posts...so somewhere along the lines, just as much stuff needs to make it's way back out of the house.

It helps having the kids away when I go through certain toy items. Shhhhh...don't tell. I was able to bag up many, many toys we purchased at Goodwill or rummage sales that never kept anyone's interest for longer than 49 seconds. I need our toys to give more to us than 49 seconds. And don't feel bad for the kids, there are still hundreds of thousands of toys in our toy storage area. And in the back room. And in both of their rooms. Sigh. Thankfully they are all back to the spots or bins or rubbermaids where they should be. For at least the next 24 hours, anyway!

And now that the toys are 'done' I get to go back down this morning and figure out where to put all of my stuff that needs to find a home.

And after I get a good amount tackled, I am SO gonna be stopping at Caribou Coffee for a Mocha mid morning on my way to do a drop off at Goodwill!

That shall be my reward.


svelteSTUFF said...

GOOD LUCK!! It's an endless project... believe me, I KNOW!!

Thrifted Treasure said...

Oh God, I should be doing our pre-move clear out, you have motivated me!!! But first, some chocolate!