Dime Store Thrift Business Cards

So. A while back I decided I needed business cards.

Nothing huge, just something I could keep in my purse if anything came up that I needed a card to identify myself with. Like if I am in a store and want to take pictures...I usually tell them my name, I have a thrifting blog, LOVE the store, may I take a few photo's while I am handing over my teeny tiny card.

Makes me seem more professional. HAhahahahaha...I know!

This is what I have been handing out, left and right these days:

Made by yours truly, on the home computer with card stock. Rawther cool, yes?


Kathie @ my net finds said...

that is a really good idea! I've also seen "calling cards" for mommies to give out at the playground or whatever.

The Queen of Clearance said...

I want to make some too! I have been thinking about it for a while now! Yours are awesome! They look very professional!

icandy... said...

Oh yes!!! Good job, girlie!! They look as professional as ever...very classy!


Vonlipi said...

Nice! I didn't know how to make some so I ordered Moo cards. Really cute! Plus I picked my own pics to decorate them.

Franny said...

Awesome idea, I love the font!
Taking pictures in thrift stores for your readers is one of the nicest things for a blogger to do :+) Thank you!

glenda said...

I think those cards are so cute...I love your blog, nice to visit with you...blessings !!!

Missa said...

Ha! I love that you have business cards, maybe I need to make some too :D

Lisa said...

Cute and classy cards! Great idea!