To Independence, Missouri We Go...

We are coming off a little vacation down in Kansas City...we did the Worlds Of Fun thing with the kids, spent an afternoon at Adventure Oasis splashing around and made some time for shopping. Of Course!

One of my intense desires was to spend time at this shop in Independence, Missouri...Luticia Clementines!This was our destination on Friday morning. And I cannot speak highly enough of Sharleen, the owner, who made us feel so welcome in her shop!
I heard of her through Stan Williams, author of The Find and was so very excited to get to meet her in person! She was so open, giving, gracious and beyond creative. It was a highlight to get to walk through her store and get a glimpse at her art room! I could have walked around and around that beautiful store and found so many things I wanted to bring home. I found a Christmas gift for Sister 2 that is going to be perfect for her! And of course I had to do a wee bit of shopping for myself...I picked up this teacup and plate:
I saw it and could immediately picture a hot cup of tea with a couple goodies (for me) or a cup of cocoa and some cookies for each of the kids when they get home from school on some cold, snowy afternoon.

Take a little look around...

If you get the chance to go to this store, GO TO THIS STORE! And tell Sharleen Hi and give her a big hug for me.

This store was right down the street from Luticia Clementines and it felt like we were walking into a beautiful kitchen catalog brought to life:

In downtown Independence, right down the street from the old jail, there is a store called Serendipity...
If I were to have a store, this might just be it. Cluttered and FABULOUS! Every single inch was filled with things that made me tingle. Lu walked into the store and said "Did you find anything?" "Um, ALL OF IT?!" Lu, Bud and Hubby were waiting patiently outside so I just ran through and snapped some pictures. Thanks Darryl! It killed me that we didn't have time to look the way I wanted to.

Look! At! That! Green! Fairy! Glass!

And are those OIL LAMPS I see on shelving along the back wall?!

And in St Joseph, we stopped at a great store called The Rusty Chandelier and found all this to walk though before we even got inside! Drooool away...

There was a lovely woman there who owned a booth called Bella Chic and was so kind to show me around the store. Her gorgeous booth was filled with all sorts of yummy things including this antique wedding gown! All of the displays were simply breathtaking. Yet another store you simply need more time to be in.

And did I mention the food? Our favorite place to eat was called The Corner Cafe, out by our hotel...we ate there TWICE!

This was the healthiest part...some fruit!

Lu said this was the best BLT she has ever eaten. And she is knowledgable in her BLT's.

I made my way through a yummy reuben sandwich...the first night I tried the corner grill patty melt that was un-be-lieve-waitforit-ble.

And Hubby shared one of his onion rings. Oh My.

I cannot wait to go back and experience the whole trip again!


The Queen of Clearance said...

those stores look like little bits of heaven to me!

Kathie @ my net finds said...

awesome!!! my aunt lives in Independence and I've visited but I was a kid so I don't remember much....and I know where St. Joseph is! great pictures :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed KC! We seriously need to coordinate a trip there sometime, we're only 4 hours away! We may try a trip this winter, I hear they have some pretty Christmas lights...oh, and I love the blue and white plate and cup!


Reneesance said...

OMG that seafoam green and white porch glider is the very match to the one that always sat on my grandparents porch
Looks like a great vacation!

The Elegant Thrifter said...

Woops...left the comment in the wrong spot. Just wanted to let you know that the pencil sketch of Sharleen's grandmother was done by my sister, Cheryl Bradley! Stan

Dime Store Thrift said...

QofC--they truly were heaven!

Kathie--you need to go visit your Auntie!

MG--We should seriously hook up here, it is the same distance for both of us...Lu would love to see C again.

Reneesance--It was wonderful

Stan--That is SO why I included it! Your sister is so talented!!

Sharleen said...

You so have me hooked (you and Stan). I really need to work this bloggin into my life. Great pics of the shop and of Indep. Thanks for all the kind comments. Am loving the "shopkeeper" life. Guess I'll have to eat at Corner Cafe - so close and yet so far! Wanna follow you around. Would love visitors anytime - I have you little bitty card taped on my pc.

Vintage Hunter said...

Looks like I have a couple new stores to try out. I'm in the area and haven't hit those before. Except for the Corner Cafe!