Etsy and The Bargain Center and Thrifting, OH MY!

The Etsy thing has been going well...for the most part. I have a hundred things I want to list and not quite as much time as I would like to list them. Doesn't everyone on Etsy have this problem? Last night I had some time to list 3 more things. Just click along my sidebar if you would like to see more. Hopefully this weekend will have some hunks of time just for this purpose!

Do you shop Etsy? Do you sell on Etsy?

Ah...and now for thrifting...I found a new store in Sioux City called The Bargain Center. And it has been having a 'bag sale' all this week. You know, one of those 'fill a bag for $4' sales. There were great jeans and khakis for both Lu and Bud which just thrilled me to pieces. Hmmmm...$4 for 6 pairs of pants?

Not a hard decision to make.


Reneesance said...

Yay Etsy!

I have had a shop for about a year and a half now as a way to rationalize my thrifting and get some actual sewing done now and then
:) good luck!

Kathie @ my net finds said...

I am addicted to Etsy....if I had more money, I'd spend it all there. That's how much I love Etsy. I love the vintage stuff I find on there and the handmade! The reason I love buying vintage there is because at an antique store, I get a headache looking through tons of crap/junk that should just be thrown away just to find something interesting...I know others find that fun, but it wears me out. On Etsy, I can search for what I want or just browse and there's no junk to sift through! :-) Maybe if you can, list 1 item a day, that might be doable? says the woman with nothing better to do ;-)

The Queen of Clearance said...

$4 for a bag!!??? great deal! I love Etsy. I want to sell of Etsy but have no gotten to it yet. Hopefully soon. I dont buy too much on there. I really have to love it and not be able to make it myself before I buy it on there. I see alot of stuff of there and then make it myself. But I have bought some stuff on there and have been very happy with everything I have bought!

Chris@Incoldstorage.etsy.com said...

I agree with Kathie. I went to an antique mall recently and new stuff was wedged in with good old stuff. Also, some dealers seemed to think if its old, even if its broken, its worth a lot of cash. I enjoy Etsy because things are easy to find!

Stanley said...

Super cute...finally made it there. Love the measuring spoons. Stan