Forgotten Thrift

Right before we left for the cabin, I had done a run through at Memory Lane and found a box of these sitting on the floor.

Well, I scooped that box up so quickly I might have hurt something, purchased it, brought it home, washed every item up in hot soapy water, left on vacation and promptly forgot about them.

Hubby had stuck them in the black storage closet and I actually surprised myself last night when putting things away. It was like my thrift fairy had left me a prize!
My favorites are the little ice cream/dessert pedestal cups. But I love them all!

Have you ever bought something and forgot you had it??


Diane said...

I Love them what a darling grouping, I think you should start an entire collection! That sure would be fun. I usually start a collection and then I get to a point and sell the entire thing. At that point it brings in some good $$. Have Fun.
Hugs, Diane

The Queen of Clearance said...

psh...I forget things all the time. its nuts what I find. at least you remembered buying them...sometimes I dont even remember buying them or where they came from! lol. these are so colorful and cute!

Wendy said...

Are you kidding me?? LOL I do this all the time - it's like getting out the winter coat and finding you left a $10 bill in a pocket - but better!! It also happens all the time with Christmas gifts I buy all year round, hoping to beat the stress of the season, then find in February!

Frippery said...

What a deal! I collect these for using at our pool. I haven't seen the ones with the stem at the bottom. I have paid lots more for them, great find!

Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

Great find!
I forget about stuff all the time... Hubby tends to put stuff in closets... never to be seen again (or so he hopes!)

The Elegant Thrifter said...

First of all, these are incredible, and a buy at $5. Secondly, yes, it happens all the time. I have a pretty big one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan that anyone from anywhere else would call small. So I do my little thrift jaunts and then tuck away my treasures, and yes, sometimes I forget where they are. And then all of a sudden. Surprise!!


love your blog, if you have time stop on over & say hi, i think you'll like :) did you know that the cups & tumblers were cottage cheese containers, i have several & rmember the milkman bringing them once a week :) gio